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The high school has a wide variety of course offerings some of which are required and some of which are electives. A list of required courses is found in the “Graduation Requirements” section of our website.

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions 2016-17


Each high school course is given a four-digit number that indicates the department, grade level, and difficulty of the course.

The first digit of the course number indicates which department the course belongs. For example, course #1250 would be a Bible course because a ‘1’ is the first digit. The departments are arranged as follows:

Thousands Digit Subject Area
1 Bible
2 Computer Science
3 English
4 Fine Arts
5 Foreign Language
6 Health, Physical Education, and Safety
7 Mathematics
8 Science
9 Social Studies
0 Student Aides/Miscellaneous

The second digit of the course number indicates the grade level of the students normally enrolled in the course. A 100 level course is taken by freshmen, a 200 level course is taken by sophomores, and 300 level course is taken by juniors, and a 400 level course is taken by seniors.

The third digit of the course number indicates the difficulty level of the course (academic track). A third digit of ‘1’ is a basic required course or a level 1 course; ‘2’ is a level 2 course; ‘3’ is an honors course (level 3); and 4 is an Advanced Placement course.

The fourth digit of the course number is used merely to distinguish between similar classes within a subject area.

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