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Standard of Dress

Standard of Dress

Wilmington Christian School students abide by our standard of dress policy. We have worked closely with Flynn & O’Hara and Lands’ End Uniforms to create this standard. Our intention is to provide a school climate that is conducive to learning and to provide sufficient options that will meet the needs and tastes of our unique students. The Standard of Dress will also help create a sense of identity and community for our WCS students, parents, and staff. Standard of Dress 2014


Where to purchase WCS apparel




  • Flynn & O’Hara will also be on our campus for sale dates
  • Visit Flynn& O’Hara at their location in Exton, PA
  • Online at the Flynn & O’Hara website.
  • Online Lands’ End website
  • Lands’ End Lands’ End Uniform Information
  • WCS apparel is available at a local consignment store run by one of our school families. Please visit 2nd Chance Resale and click on the “WCS Uniforms” link to preview prices and availability.

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