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Skills Centers

Kindergarten students participate in skills centers twice a week to strengthen weak skills and enrich strong skills.

Student skill levels are identified by Search and Teach. Search and Teach is an early intervention program developed by Dr. Archie Silver and Dr. Rosa Hagin to meet the educational needs of young learners before they experience the frustration of learning failure. Search is a 20-minute individual test designed to identify 5 and 6 year olds who are vulnerable to learning difficulty, and to provide profiles of individual strengths and weaknesses in the readiness skills necessary for reading success. Teach is a program of 55 learning activities carefully designed to address the needs revealed by Search. The activities consist of remedial tasks ordered from simple to complex, and organized into the perceptual areas of visual, visual-motor, auditory, body-image, and intermodal skills clusters which correspond to the elements of the Search Scan.

Enrichment activities have been in the areas of drama, computer, literature, and math problem-solving. New topics may be added according to student and teacher interest

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