Our Fine Arts Department is dedicated to excellence in the visual and performing arts. The purpose of musical performance at Wilmington Christian School is to provide an outlet for students to glorify God through the arts while excelling in their chosen discipline. At the beginning levels, students are taught the basics of music and proper etiquette both as a performer and as an audience member. As the students advance, these fundamentals are built upon through work in the classroom and the rehearsal process. Students will experience many different artistic styles both Christian and secular. The desired outcome is to inspire and instruct students to become independent performers and technical artists.




Help support the Fine Arts Department and the WCS Christmas Food Drive by participating in our annual fruit sale! Our sale helps to support or annual Art, Band and Chorus field trips. This year we are looking for donations of fresh fruit for Miss Duncan’s annual Christmas Food Drive as well. We have partnered with Florida Indian River Groves to provide you with the freshest fruit available.

Your fruit will be harvested the very same day it’s shipped to us, ensuring that you receive fruit that is hours off of the tree. Now is the time to pick up a box of Navel Oranges that are sure to be bursting with flavor or a box or sugar-sweet, Indian River Red Grapefruit.

And don’t forget your friends, family, and coworkers.

Everyone loves Fresh Fruit From Florida!

Thank you! The students and staff at Wilmington Christian School appreciate your support!





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