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Elementary School

All elementary students receive General music instruction and have a group chorus time. Group and private lessons are offered for Band and String instruments. We also have an after school choir for 3rd – 5th graders.

Middle School Concert Band

Our Middle School Concert Band is the cornerstone of the Upper School’s successful band program. It is at this level when students develop a foundation in musical training. In learning music pieces from various time periods and composers, the student is able to understand different rhythms, melodies, and harmonies necessary for individual and group development. Band provides the opportunity for individual participation which leads to a productive and accomplished group as a whole. Students learn teamwork and gain self-fulfillment as well as self-discipline in Band.

This course is open to all instrumentalists, grades 6 – 8, who are studying privately or are involved in group lessons, having successfully completed a minimum of one year of study on a band instrument.

Middle School Chorus

Our Middle School Chorus is a performance ensemble with emphasis on beginning music theory, sight-singing, ear-training and music history. Repertoire is appropriate for the age group.

High School Concert Band

The High School Concert Band strives to be the premier band of the instrumental music department. At this level, most students should have all ready been involved in previous years of musical training, making the concert band a rich culmination of talents. High School Concert Band promotes further, in-depth studies of varying genres, time periods, composers and harmonies necessary for individual and group development. Band also provides the opportunity for individual participation resulting in an exceptional group which sets the standard for all other instrumental programs. Students learn teamwork and gain self-fulfillment as well as self-discipline.

This course is open to all instrumentalists, grades 9 – 12 who are studying privately or are involved in group lessons, having successfully completed a minimum one year of study on a band instrument.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band offers another rich opportunity to expand musical horizons. Jazz has been defined as a genre of music that originated in New Orleans (circa 1900) and is characterized by prominent meter, improvisation, distinctive tone colors, performance techniques and dotted, syncopated rhythmic patterns; and that’s only the beginning! In just over 100 years, the evolution of jazz has given birth to approximately two dozen distinct jazz styles. Jazz music thrives on instrumental diversities and continues to seek new levels of artistic expression.

Membership in the Jazz Band is by audition only. All Jazz Band students must:

  • Be a current a member of the WCS High School Concert Band, and
  • Demonstrate a solid foundation of High School Concert Band requirements(perform all major scales up to and including 5 sharps or flats from memory)

High School Chorus

Our High School Chorus is an auditioned, mixed ensemble that performs repertoire from the choral tradition and studies beginning music theory, ear- training, sight-singing and music history.

Jubilee Singers

Jubilee Singers is an auditioned SATB mixed ensemble that performs advanced repertoire from the choral tradition while studying advanced music theory, history, sight-singing and ear-training.

High School Music Theory

The High School Music Theory course ranges from beginner to advanced levels. This course provides an understanding of the language of music and how composers and performers use this language to communicate. Knowledge of the elements of music theory is essential for all areas of performance study. Students are given the opportunity to increase their musical understanding, while improving their ability to make rapid progress in lessons and ensembles. This allows the teacher to devote more time to specific application of these tools. Skills taught depend on student’s level of competency. The course includes beginner, intermediate and advanced music theory, harmony and composition.

String Instruction/Ensembles

Option 1: Private Lesson Instruction

Note: Private instruction is required for ensemble participation

Private lessons on the violin, viola, cello or string bass are required. Thirty minute lessons are available at WCS on the violin and viola and are scheduled weekly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, during the day or after school. Payments are made directly to the instructor. Students are allowed to study privately outside of WCS with another private teacher to fulfill the ensemble requirement. (See Option 2).

30 Lessons are provided yearly. Payment is calculated based on 28 lessons and should be submitted twice a year on October 1st and February 1st. Two lessons are included at no charge in the event of inclement weather or child illness.


14 lessons @ $33.00 = $462.00 due October 1st

14 lessons @ $33.00 = $462.00 due February 1st

Other payment options are available

Option 2: Ensemble Rehearsal

Requirement: Studying privately

This option is for students who are already studying privately (at WCS or elsewhere) Ensemble meets twice a week for 40 minutes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (30 rehearsals)

Fee: WCS Students: Fee included in tuition

Home School Students: $400/year (30 rehearsals).

All Options (1, 2, & 3)

All students need a music stand for use at home while practicing.

Lessons/rehearsals begin Tuesday, October 5th.

Questions?  Email: or call: 302.239.2121 x 3104

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