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Visual Arts

ACSI Fine Arts Festival 2011

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Art I, II, III, IV

Students will learn several two or three-dimensional techniques using a variety of media. The vocabulary of art will be stressed as they begin to intelligently discuss images and forms. As the students progresses, they will work with more personal freedom with artistic forms and images. They will be expected to work at a high level of self-expression and to develop their ideas in various media.

Garment Construction

This course is a prerequisite to the Wearable Art class. Garment Construction gives students practical skills in choosing fabrics and patterns for a variety of projects. Basic and advanced construction techniques and design elements are emphasized. Students are encouraged to blend fine workmanship and creativity in developing their skills. Sewing machines are provided. Students must provide fabric, pattern, and basic tools.

Independent Study

This course is designed for upperclassman who want to develop a focused area of art. It may be used to develop a portfolio for college admission or an art contest. An individual plan will be made for each student who must meet with the teacher a minimum of one time per week. Meeting time during an art class is preferred. Students must be able to work independently and be responsible to deadlines.


Water color, tempera, and acrylic paints will be used and explored. Basic techniques will be learned and incorporated in fewer, more developed works.

Photography I

Explore black and white film photography including shooting photographs, developing film, and printing photographs. Explore digital photography including shooting photographs and manipulating on the computer. Assignments may be completed in either black and white film or digital format, or a combination of the two. Student must provide own camera.

Photography II

Go beyond the well crafted photograph learned in Photography to present digital or black and white film photographs in a creative way. Darkroom manipulation and computer manipulation will be used for creative effects. Student must provide own camera.


Explore block printing and dry point (similar to etching). After learning proper technique students will be encouraged to exploit the process for creative purposes.

Printmaking II

Continue to explore printmaking techniques learned in Printmaking emphasizing creative presentation and mixed media.

Fibers, Fabrics, and Fashion

Explore projects chosen from wearable art, fabric as an art medium, and off-loom weaving.


Hand built and wheel thrown functional or sculptural clay art including glazing will be the focus.

Pottery II

Build on skills learned in Pottery with an emphasis on creativity and developing ideas.


Students will learn several different letter styles. Students will also have the opportunity to be creative with page design using several different art mediums.

Calligraphy II

Students will continue to work with more alphabets, including creating their own, and creative layout for fewer, more developed projects.

Sculpture I

Students will use a variety of materials including cardboard, wire, wood and plaster to explore carving, modeling and constructing interesting 3-D work.

Sculpture II

Students will continue to explore additional media and techniques to develop more complex 3-D art.


Emphasis will be on designing and creating unique jewelry from wire and mixed media.

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