Camp Win-Some


While Camp Win-Some has been a part of Wilmington Christian School’s program for many years, the decision has been made to not offer camp for the summer of 2015. Assuming that sufficient gifts continue to come in through our Capital Campaign, some long-awaited campus improvements will finally get underway next Summer – reconstruction of the school’s entrance, parking lot, and other parts of the facility – thus making it impossible to run a camp program at the same time.

Starting with the summer of 2016 we plan to offer an alternative camping experience that will be a “University Camp” model, made up of a number of unique opportunities in which young people may participate. This type of camp will encompass several different “schools” of camp that could include: leadership, music, visual arts, drama, athletics, academics, technology, and practical skills. This will not only be an exciting addition to our school’s program, but it will also provide support and expansion of our present school curriculum. As one era comes to a close, another rises to begin a new part of the journey.