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History Day!

History Day Winners 2017

Senior Division- High School

Individual Website

1st – “Taking a Stand for Workers’ Rights” by Michael Hutts

Group Website

1st – “Taking a Stand Against Communism in the Vietnam War” by Janelle Esaka and Vivian Nguyen

2nd- “Standing up for Civil Rights” by Cyrena Akinyi and Maile Smith

Honorable Mention- “AC vs.DC: Tesla vs. Edison” by Benjamin Roach

Group Built Exhibits

A Tie for First-

Corrie Ten Boom: Taking a Stand in History against Jewish Persecution by Karen Sayler, Gretchen Hoffert, and Cora Mummert

“Wu Zetian: Chinese Empress Taking a Stand and Influencing the Development of Knowledgeable Officials and Buddhism” by Jason Jin, Xenia Pan, and Jenny Xu

Honorable Mention

“Women Stand Up” by Te’Nayza Minor, Sarah Rouault, and Autumn Rue


Junior Division

Individual Exhibits

1st –    Rescued Lives, Buried Legacy: Irena Sendler by Jillian Kater

2nd-  Harriet Tubman: Secretly Taking a Stand for Freedom by Jaclynn Johnson

3rd Place–Tie      William Wilberforce by Victoria Picarro

                                Clara Barton by Ashley Singer

Group Exhibits

1st Place                            Claudette Colvin by Rieno Ewobor and Andy Kelley

2nd Place–Tie                   Corrie Ten Boom by Elisabeth Sayler and Katie Walsh

                                             Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Fight Against the Nazis by Mary Kate Rettig and Danny Rettig

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