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Biblical Integration

The educational program, methods of instruction, and all activities at Wilmington Christian School are dependent upon a Biblical philosophy of education which promotes, instructs and nurtures a viewpoint in any subject area or activity, that provides Biblical truths and the principles for interpreting and applying these truths. The entire process of education is seen as the means by which God brings the revelation of Himself to the student through personal faith and the integration of Biblical truth in every area of life. We believe that the concepts of this biblical worldview include the following tenets.

Theological Integration

  • God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things, and the source of all truth (Colossians 1:15-20).
  • God has revealed Himself in a general way in creation (Romans 1:18-25), and in a special way through Jesus Christ and the Bible (Hebrews 1:1-3).
  • God created man in His own image, and thus man is responsible to God for his actions (Genesis 1:26-31).
  • Personal faith in Jesus Christ and knowledge of the Bible are essential to proper spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth (2 Timothy 3:14-17).
  • The Holy Spirit indwells each believer and is significant in his education by bringing conviction of sin, revealing Christ’s glory, and guiding the believer into truth (John 16:7-14).

Relational Integration

The school serves as an extension of the Christian home. Parents have the primary responsibility for the education of the child; and the school is an institution developed to aid or to complement the Christian family. The function of the school is not to replace the home, but to work in unity with the Christian home in the discipleship their children.

The school holds the parent-teacher relationship as essential to all that each seeks to do. Communication between the parent and teacher is vital to the proper development of the student, and the formation of a secure bond among the three.

The Christian family, the church, and the school provide stability in the education of the student for a life of fellowship with man and service to God (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

Prayer by parents, teachers, staff, and students is paramount in affecting the hearts, minds, and lives of the students, and upholding the ministry of the school (James 5:16).

God has created each student as a unique individual. It is the teacher’s responsibility to challenge each student according to his/her abilities and achievement level, while calling the student to righteous living (2 Timothy 2:15)

Instructional Integration

The curriculum and course of study at WCS is designed to incorporate the Christian view of God and the world.

All subjects are taught from this Christian perspective which includes the following basic assumptions:

  1. Creation: the recognition that the universe is the creation of a living God, and that man was created to be the steward of this creation and that all we can know is as an image-bearer of our Creator God.
  2. Fall: the realization that man, through the temptation to be like God, fell from God’s grace into sin, and that all creation bears the scars and disintegration of that fall.
  3. Redemption: the acceptance of Christ’s atoning work on the cross which brought us into a new and righteous standing with God. In developing a personal relationship with Christ as Savior, we can then see knowledge and learning in its full scope and relationship to faith.
  4. Restoration: the ministry of Christian education then becomes a life-long process of restoring the body of understanding, wisdom, and knowledge to its proper place as an expression of the glory of God and His Word to us.

The ultimate aim in Christian education is to develop and foster a God-consciousness in our young people, with a vision that the student will look at the world, and all therein, from God’s perspective.

Worldview Resources

Resources are available to parents, students & staff in our libraries.

Upper School Library

DVD’s & Videos

Amazing Grace. This is the story of William Wilberforce’s recognition of God’s calling him to faith and then calling him to a mission in the political realm to fight against the slave trade. Artfully and effectively told.

Drive Through History series.  Imagine a road trip field trip with the coolest middle school teacher around and you’ll have a clear idea of the format of this series.  But, while capturing one’s attention with the antics of the host, each “road trip” emphasizes how Christianity has shaped this world and been the basis for numerous events that have brought peace and blessing to history. Designed by Focus on the Family, for 9-13 year olds, but worthy of a much larger audience.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Ben Stein’s expose of higher education’s war against intelligent design. The value of this documentary shows how ardent the opposition is to giving any credence to a Christian perspective.  In a word, eye-opening.

The Perfect Stranger/Another Perfect Stranger. Companion DVD to Dinner with a Perfect Stranger.

Sproul R. C., Choosing My Religion: Truth, Pigs and the House of God. Designed for a teen and early twenties audience.

The Ultimate Gift & Study Guide. A  spoiled young man is forced through his inheritance to learn some needed life lessons.  The study guide makes it a useful tool for special emphasis in our middle school.

Apologetics and Study Materials

Lewis, C. S. Mere Christianity. Audio & Book.  Likely the finest articulation of the Christian worldview.  As this was originally written for the radio, Lewis’ format is easy to absorb. He convincingly promotes the essentials of the Christian faith, stirring to his audience as well.

Boice, James Montgomery, God & History. A thoughtful presentation of God’s sovereignty and purpose.

Colson, Charles, & Pearcey, Nancy. How Now Shall We Live? This book serves to bring a more current perspective on a transformed life in our decadent culture.  It follows in the tradition of Francis Schaeffer’s How Should We Then Live?

Dobson, James. Life on the Edge.  A guidebook for teens providing insight for everyday life as well as major decision making.

Dobson Ryan. 2 Die 4 and 2 Live 4. Two books for teens to awaken them to faith and then to drive them on to a life of being available to God.

Godawa, Brian. Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films With Wisdom and Discernment.  Insightful analysis of how to be a discerning viewer as well as one who can engage our culture more meaningfully.

Hybels Bill. Honest to God:  Becoming an Authentic Christian.  The focus here is twelve aspects of our life where we need to become consistent models of Christ.

Hoffecker, Andrew, ed. Building a Christian World View. Vol. 1, God, Man & Knowledge. A reader on the basics of a Biblical worldview.

McDowell, Josh.  Answers to Tough Questions.  Reveals how Christianity stands up under scrutiny.

Mahaney, C. J. Worldliness. A powerful call to live Romans 12.

Phillips, J. B.  Your God is Too Small: A Guide for Believers and Skeptics Alike. Explores how to counter our often limited view of God.

Stott, John R. W. Basic Christianity. How faith impacts life.

Strobel, Lee,.The Case for Christ: A Journalist Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus. “A riveting quest for truth” of  a  prior skeptic.

Tada, Joni Eareckson. How to Be a Christian in a Brave New World. Takes on the issues of science, ethics and faith.

Warren, Rick. The Purpose Driven Life.  On point and powerful.

Zacharias, Ravi.   Deliver Us From Evil:  Restoring the Soul in a Disintegrating Culture. A quide to refocus our moral compass.


Elliot Elisabeth. Shadow of the Almighty. A look at the uncompromising faith of Jim Elliot.

Elliot Elisabeth. These Strange Ashes. This is the story of the faith building year Elisabeth spent as single person in Ecuador. Elliot’s honesty and commitment to Christ are  powerful examples of what it looks like to follow God’s call.

Glaspey, Terry. The Spiritual Legacy of C.S. Lewis. Reveals and assesses Lewis’s boundless impact.

Talk, D. C. Jesus Freaks. Stories of Christian revolutionaries.

Ten Boom, Corrie, The Hiding Place.  A tale of the defining moments of Corrie and her family as World War II demanded their faith to prove itself in new ways everyday. Beautifully written, memorable, and a Christian classic  that will challenge believers for generations to come.


Alcorn, Randy, Safely Home. A glimpse of the Christian church in China and how a Biblical worldview can fuel a life of faith even in a culture that wars against that faith.

Gregory, David, Dinner With a Perfect Stranger. A creative and entertaining work of fiction that in a short space packs a powerful punch. The conversation at the table unmasks the weaknesses in other worldviews, while allowing the personal encounter with Christ to shake the main character out of the world of himself. Entertaining and instructive in an ingenious format.


Keller, Tim, The Reason for God. 2008 Christian Book of the Year. This book has gotten strong reviews for its intelligent assessment of the place of God and faith in this post-Christian era.

Read by the author. 6 hours.

Amazing Grace. The Focus on the Family Radio Theater productions of the lives of William Wilberforce, John Newton, and Olaudah Equiano.

Do Hard Things.  Audio and book written by twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris to challenge the teen culture to reject a mindset of low expectations.  Biblical insights and personal anecdotes provide the audience with fresh challenges to examine where we fall in the  culture and invite us to be part of the “rebelution” against the status quo. Read by the authors. 3 1/2 hours.

Jack’s Life. Douglas Gresham tells the life of  stepfather, C.S. Lewis.

The Screwtape Letters. The recent Focus on the Family Radio Theater release of the Lewis Classic.


World Magazine

Lower School Library

The Truth Chronicles. Adventures in Odyssey Radio Theater companion to the Truth Project.

Klee, Mary Beth. Core Virtues. A resource guide for character education.

Numerous children’s selections

"Wilmington Christian School takes what my children are learning at home and at church, and presents these same values in their education."

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