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Since 1946, Wilmington Christian School has educated students with a biblical worldview that acknowledges God as both creator and sustainer of the universe. We do this in a challenging academic environment that has earned a reputation for distinction and achievement – in scholastics, athletics, the arts, and community service.

At WCS we recognize that God has given every child unique gifts – and a unique calling. Every child is made in God’s own image, and therefore has inestimable value. Our goal is to help all our students discover and defend the truth, identify and develop their individual gifts, and achieve their fullest, God-given potential – intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

In this way, we fulfill our vision to faithfully educate, equip, and graduate students who boldly employ their knowledge, talents, and faith to profoundly impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Our Profile offers a great overview of WCS including: Background, Accreditation, Grading System, AP Classes, SAT performance, Athletics, Co-Curricular Activities, Curriculum by Grade, Faculty, and Administration.


"How valuable it is to send my son to a school that dovetails with what we are teaching him at home and at church!"

WCS middle school parent