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College Timeline

Freshman Year

  • Take the most demanding course load you can handle
  • Participate in extracurricular activities
  • Think about possible college choices and look into admissions requirements
  • Begin keeping a record of activities and awards

Sophomore Year

  • Continue a challenging curriculum and involvement in extracurricular activities
  • October: Take a practice PSAT
  • Attend college fairs and gather information
  • Visit nearby colleges at home and when on vacation to get a general feel of college life, as well as a comparison of campuses
  • Update activities and awards

Junior Year

  • Continue to take challenging courses and participate in activities; try to volunteer, gain a leadership position, and show commitment to activities and interests
  • Attend college fairs and meet with college recruiters
  • October: Take the PSAT
  • Conduct intensive research and form a list of 10-20 prospective colleges
  • Visit colleges
  • May or June: Take the SAT I
  • Take appropriate SAT II tests
  • Update activities and awards

Summer before Senior Year

  • College visits
  • Get a job or internship, do community service work, or attend a summer program

Senior Year

  • Continue to focus strongly on academics and activities
  • Reduce prospective list to 5-10 colleges
  • Ask teachers for recommendation letters
  • Complete applications; deadlines are important!
  • Take the SAT I, as well as any appropriate SAT II tests
  • Complete financial aid and scholarship application forms
  • Submit FAFSA after January 1
  • Make your final decision and wait patiently for a reply!

"A lot of places can do a great job with academics, but WCS is helping my child develop in a way that will have eternal consequences."

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