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Graduation Requirements

Academic preparation for continuing education after high school is a vital component of the ministry of WCS. Therefore, we set as a standard requirements that go beyond those mandated by the state and those recognized by most colleges. In order to be qualified for graduation form Wilmington Christian School, students must follow the credit requirements as approved by the Board of Directors.

Graduation requires a total of twenty-two and one-quarter (22 1/4) credits. The one-quarter credit is earned by fulfilling the Community Service requirement.

Credit will be accepted for most transfer courses. Transferring students may have some requirements waived if there is no conflict with state graduation requirements. Students may not earn more than three (3) credits outside the regular WCS academic program. This includes summer school and/or independent studies, but not transfer credits.

Seniors who are within one (1) credit of meeting all graduation requirements may take part (“walk”) in the commencement exercises. However, no student will be awarded a WCS diploma without successful completion of all requirements. Seniors lacking more than one credit toward graduation will not be permitted to take part in the graduation ceremony. Every graduate must have all financial, academic, and personal obligations met prior to the last day of school before graduation in order to receive his/her diploma.

Because we believe in the wholeness of a Christian education and the total development of a child over the full time of that offered at WCS, the Board of Directors does not encourage a student at WCS to graduate early. Any requests for consideration of early graduation must be submitted, in writing, to the headmaster, prior to May 1st of the student’s sophomore year. The written request will be reviewed by the Student Affairs Committee of the Board and must contain both specific and overriding circumstantial reasons in order to be reviewed. No requests that would require a change in graduation requirements will be considered.

Credit Requirements

In order that WCS graduates are well prepared for advanced education or future employment, the following credit requirements for graduation have been established:

English 4 credits
Social Studies 3 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Science 3 credits
Bible 2 credits (1/2 credit for each year at WCS)
PE 1 credit
Community Service 1/4 credit (40 hours)

The Social Studies credits must include American History and World Civilizations. Required English credits include English 9, English 10, English 11, and English 12. Graduation requires a total of 22 1/4 credits. Not more than two English credits may be earned in summer school.

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