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Summer Reading

The English Department at WCS encourages every student to use part of their summer for reading and assigns summer reading for all students in grades 9-12. Reading these books will give students a common literary heritage with other students. As students read about various problems, they will learn how to confront those problems in life. In addition, summer reading will provide students with a rich reservoir of literary topics to be used when writing formal essays required at the college level. Lastly, students will learn to confront themes in secular literature from a Biblical world-view so that they will be able to define and defend their own Christianity.

The number of books for summer reading has been assigned according to the level of English in which the student is enrolled. Students are required to read the books and complete the designated assignment. Those students who go on extended summer missions trips or who enroll late in the summer will be given extra time to complete the project. Assignments are due on the first day of school (unless otherwise specified in the assignment) and are to be handed in to their English teacher.

Occasionally, a parent prefers that their child not read one of the books assigned because the parent finds a part of the book offensive. If this is so, please contact the head of the English Department (Mr. Mason: to discuss the issue and to be assigned an alternate book if the issue cannot be resolved. The English Department is willing to have a student substitute one book per year and will work around the problem of the student not being able to discuss a book from the original list in September. Please contact the English Department by the end of June to discuss book substitution.
Below are the links to the summer reading assignment for high school students by grade.

Summer Reading

Entering 9th Grade

Entering 10th Grade

Entering 11th Grade

Entering 12th Grade

AP Literature and Composition is an intensive course demanding significant amounts of reading and writing.  This work can result in college credit if the student performs well enough on the College Board’s standardized AP Examination in May.  The links below provide an overview of the assignment as well as a printable copy of the Major Works Data Sheet. Please contact Mr. Mason ( with any questions about the assignment, more information on annotations, or an editable copy of the data sheet.


Major Works Data Sheet

AP Calculus AB -Textbook and Summer Work
AP US History- Summer Assignment
AP US History-Summer Reading Requirements
HS Oral Presentation Rubric

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