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Learning Enrichment Program

The Learning Enrichment Program is designed to provide challenging learning activities for our students with above average ability in academic studies and who demonstrate intellectual ability and potential for success greater than their same age classmates. The program seeks to enrich the existing curriculum such that the students have a deeper understanding of the concepts or topics and are able to strengthen their reasoning, problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills.

  • Enrollment – The enrichment program is offered to qualified, academically talented students in grades 2-3 and 4-5. A student’s eligibility is based on standardized intelligence and achievement testing (Terra Nova and Inview), current grades, teacher recommendation and parent permission. Classroom teachers are aware of characteristics of gifted and talented
  • Class day and time – Wednesday after school from 2:50-4:00 for grades 4-5. Thursday after school from 2:50-4:00 for grades 2-3.
  • Program – Small group activities are designed to stimulate problem solving skills and creativity, to encourage and develop the use of research skills and to develop the ability to think biblically about current issues and presented topics. The program is designed to cover topics not in the present school curriculum. Extra activities are scheduled as appropriate to the topic being studied. These activities would develop questioning skills, improve visualization for problem solving, teach ways to solve multi-step, mathematical word problems, provide opportunities to research individual areas of interest and communicate results to the group.
  •  There is a $250 fee for the program.





"I didn't know that a school like this existed."

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