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8th Grade


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8th Grade Curriculum

Bible: New Testament Survey

The New Testament is God’s final revelation to man. It is here that we find the eternal God revealed through the life and words of Christ and His love revealed through the cross. The New Testament stands as the completion of all that God had foreshadowed in the previous ages. The Life of Christ/Acts Course seeks to present Christ as the revealer of God’s final truth to man. His life, ministry, and death are given the central place of discussion. The student of the early Church, as empowered by God’s Spirit, is also studied.


Self-Confrontation is an in-depth discipleship training resource for all 8th Grade students. Taught during a semester, students learn how to study the scriptures for answers to life’s problems. God’s Word is the sole resource used to motivate students to find solutions to daily issues encountered. As students put into practice solutions found, they find answers to specific questions about how they can handle the everyday situations that they face. The course includes biblical teaching on areas such as preoccupation with self, anger, bitterness, relationships, depression, fear, worry, and more.


In this course, students will analyze short stories, read a Shakespearean play, and study selections pertaining to the Holocaust era. Through this, the students will learn about such literary devices as characterization, setting, plot, theme, imagery, and irony. Students will read Animal Farm and use this novel as a springboard for writing their own research paper. The techniques for writing a five-paragraph essay will also be covered. Correct grammar usage will be emphasized. Weekly vocabulary units of study are covered throughout the course.

Math: Honors Algebra I

This eighth grade course is designed for the student who is very proficient in mathematics. This course covers all of the same topics as the Algebra I course, with additional work in equalities with absolute value, numbers in base through sixteen, negative exponents, and graphs of simple polynomial functions. Greater emphasis is placed on the structure of mathematics and applications are more complex.

Math: Algebra I

The solution of linear equations and inequalities together with the graphing of linear functions form the core of this eighth grade course. Polynomial operations and factoring are thoroughly developed and applied to algebraic fractions. Within the structure of the real number system, students are introduced to systems of linear equations, radical equations, quadratic equations, and fractional equations. Verbal problems are used throughout the course to relate algebra to everyday situations and to develop problem-solving skills.

Math: Pre-Algebra

This eighth grade course represents the culmination of arithmetic skills and a continuation of pre-algebra concepts. Integers, percents, fractions, and rational numbers are studied as well as equations, inequalities, and graphing. Geometry is included with statistics and probability. This course prepares students for Basic Algebra Part I in ninth grade.

Science: Earth Science

In this course, and overview of geology, meteorology, oceanography, and space are introduced. Students are given the opportunity to research the difference between creation and evolution; and to plan, design and assemble a solar car. A variety of teaching methods are used in order to best meet the needs of our individual students.

Social Studies: American History

This course surveys American History from the arrival of Native Americans through 1870. Highlights include in-depth studies of the Age of Exploration, colonial English colonies (including a two day trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia), the American Revolution, and the Civil War. Early documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are studied. A History Day research project is also a course requirement.


The foundational elements form and value are reviewed and additional elements such as the unity in page design and use of color are added. Various art mediums are used and combined to help all students stretch and build their skills.

Foreign Language: German or Spanish

The purpose of this eighth grade course is to introduce students to the cultures and languages of other countries. The student will be able to communicate in and understand the basic structures of the target language. They will gain insight into the rich traditions of other cultures, as they learn to appreciate and respect the people of those cultures.

Middle School Chorus

Students in Chorus will receive instruction and gain experience in choral singing. They will be required to memorize musical selections which will be performed at school concerts, the Fine Arts Festival, and several other concerts during the school day or after school hours. Part of the grade will be contingent on attendance and participation at all scheduled performances. Students will also study basic music theory concepts and be tested for understanding.

Middle School Band

In Band, instrumentalists apply the basic skills they have learned in the early years on their instrument to an ensemble environment. Techniques such as phrasing, intonation, interpretation, and critical listening are introduced and applied at an intermediate level. It is expected that students will continue with private music lessons so that technical facilities continue to mature in preparation for High School Band.

String Instruction/Ensembles

Option 1: Private Lesson Instruction

Note: Private instruction is required for ensemble participation

Private lessons on the violin, viola, cello or string bass are required. Thirty minute lessons are available at WCS on the violin and viola and are scheduled weekly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, during the day or after school. Payments are made directly to the instructor. Students are allowed to study privately outside of WCS with another private teacher to fulfill the ensemble requirement. (See Option 2).

30 Lessons are provided yearly. Payment is calculated based on 28 lessons and should be submitted twice a year on October 1st and February 1st. Two lessons are included at no charge in the event of inclement weather or child illness.


14 lessons @ $33.00 = $462.00 due October 1st

14 lessons @ $33.00 = $462.00 due February 1st

Other payment options are available

Option 2: Ensemble Rehearsal

Requirement: Studying privately

This option is for students who are already studying privately (at WCS or elsewhere) Ensemble meets twice a week for 40 minutes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (30 rehearsals)

Fee: WCS Students: Fee included in tuition

Home School Students: $400/year (30 rehearsals).

Technology Education

The students will be required to apply their elementary computer instruction to projects based on their other instructional courses. The technology education instructor will work closely with the classroom teacher and librarian to develop a program specific to the needs of the students as they relate to individual courses. For example, the 8th grade students will be given specific instruction on primary sources on the internet prior to the History Day project.

Sports/Physical Education

The WCS Middle School athletic program represents a transition between the Physical Education program of grades Pre-K through 6 to the competitive sport activities that are offered at the Middle School and High School level. The physical well-being of our WCS students is important to their total development as young men and women of God.  Athletics and physical education are a fundamental part of the WCS curriculum, as students develop motor skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, knowledge of various sports, self-discipline, self-confidence and an appreciation for physical fitness.  Beginning in 7th grade, participation in athletics as an active team member replaces a traditional Physical Education experience.  All 7th and 8th grade students are required to participate on a Wilmington Christian athletic team in each of the three seasons.  6th grade students may participate in competitive sports on a limited basis based on middle school enrollment.  Our program offers appropriate instruction and interscholastic competition.  Fundamentals are stressed, and students are encouraged to do their best and play to the best of their ability.

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