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Wilmington Christian School exists to educate children of Christian families who believe, and are committed to, the Scriptural principles found in our Statement of Faith. WCS functions as an extension of the Christian home, assisting families as they work to fulfill the biblical mandate to train their children in the way they should go.

Non-Discrimination Policy

WCS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin in our admissions policies, educational policies, tuition assistance program, athletics, art and music programs, or other school-administrated programs.

Admission Requirement

Admission is limited to Christian students with at least one parent who expresses a clear testimony of the Scriptural principles outlined in the WCS Statement of Faith and signs the associated forms entitled Affirmation of Belief and Affirmation of Standard for Community Life. Also, parents must complete a personal interview; students must successfully satisfy the entrance testing requirements; and your pastor must complete, sign and return the Pastoral Reference form.

Enrollment Application

An Enrollment Application is valid only when all required forms are completed, signed, and returned along with the non-refundable registration fee. Once we receive a valid application we then assign students a position in the appropriate class. Please see the Application Process Checklist for details.

Entrance Testing

All students seeking admission to WCS will be tested or must submit testing information before enrollment can be granted. Applicants entering grades 7-12 must provide an official school transcript and most recent report card, along with previous school records that indicate standardized testing. WCS administration will determine the appropriateness of the information received, and level of testing required. Please see our Admissions Calendar for test dates.

Parent/Student Interview

A team consisting of at least one administrator and one Board member (or Board approved interviewer) will conduct parent interviews (and student interviews for those entering grades 6-12.) The purpose of these interviews is to:

    • Ensure that at least one parent believes and is committed to the Scriptural principles outlined in the WCS Statement of Faith; (please be ready to talk about your relationship with Jesus Christ)
    • Confirm the parents’ desire for their child to receive a Christian education
    • Determine the parents’ understanding of Christian education;
    • Establish that family beliefs and church attendance align with the Affirmation of Belief form;
    • Establish that family practices align with the Affirmation of Standard for Community Life;
    • Ensure that students entering high school express a desire to attend WCS and agree to live in harmony with school standards;
    • Verify that academic records and/or transcripts of previous school work, health records, and references are reviewed and acceptable;
    • Confirm that students with a history of behavioral problems have cleared their records with previous schools and now demonstrate a commitment for a changed life style in both personal testimony

and character references;

  • Answer questions that parents or students may have.

Physical Examinations

All new applicants and all students entering grades four, seven or eleven must have a physical examination. Have your examining physician complete and return the provided form.

Admission Decisions

WCS Administration offers Standard Admission to applicants who satisfy all requirements for enrollment. In some cases, WCS Administration may offer Probationary Admission due to extenuating circumstances brought about by the student’s academic or behavioral profile. This probationary period may vary in length from one term to the entire academic year. Throughout the probationary period, student progress will be monitored and evaluated. Administration will then determine whether or not to offer continued enrollment.

School Age

All students enrolling in Pre-K3 must reach their 3rd birthday by August 31st of the year they wish to enroll. All students enrolling in Pre-K4 must reach their 4th birthday by August 31st of the year they wish to enroll. Students entering Kindergarten must reach their 5th birthday by August 31st of the year they wish to enroll. Students entering 1st grade must reach their 6th birthday by August 31st, or must have successfully completed kindergarten.

"How valuable it is to send my son to a school that dovetails with what we are teaching him at home and at church!"

WCS middle school parent