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Reasons to Choose WCS

Christian Parents’ Guide to Choosing a School

College Preparatory Education

Beyond merely providing a challenging academic curriculum, WCS trains students in Body, Mind and Spirit. Our graduates leave fully prepared for college, and for life beyond academia. Over the years we’ve established a tradition of achievement in scholastics (grants, scholarships, awards, and consistently high SAT scores). Additionally, WCS students routinely receive state-wide recognition for distinction in athletics, choral and instrumental music, fine arts, mock trial, and community service.

The Right Rules

Our joy of life and love of learning stem from the knowledge that it is the Almighty himself who made us and finely tuned us and all His creation for our benefit. Because He made us in His image, every human life has real value, purpose, and meaning. Further, God has revealed in Scripture how we are to live… the “rules” we must uphold. Because God made us, loves us, and knows what’s best for us, nothing is more sensible than learning, teaching, and applying His word as our guide for living.

Reaching Beyond Knowledge to Wisdom

For many, life’s biggest and most important questions are also the most difficult to answer. How did life come to be? Does my life have any real purpose? What is the relationship between faith and reason? Is there any truth beyond science and the five senses? Is there life after death? At WCS, asking such questions (and finding the answers!) is a key part of the learning process. Yet even more important is acquiring the skills and resources to justify one’s answers with clear, persuasive, intellectual integrity – even amidst the most skeptical challenges. At WCS, we develop the Body, Mind, and Spirit of students so they can confidently move beyond knowledge to wisdom past mere understanding, to rational explanation and practical application of biblical truth to all of life. So where do we begin? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Multiple Co-Curricular Options

Many schools offer a plethora of co-curricular options. WCS provides an abundance of choices too, yet with one important difference: the opportunity to participate broadly. Because of the breadth of offerings for a school of our size, many WCS students find that they are able to participate in multiple co-curricular programs, not just one or two. This broad participation allows students to discover, and then learn first hand where their individual gifts can flourish.

Parent-Involvement Opportunities

Because WCS is a parent-based corporation with oversight by a parent-elected Board of Directors, those parents who choose to, are able to have a significant voice in guiding our school’s direction. Additionally, there are opportunities for parents to participate in a wide range of school activities, including: PTF, chaperoning, school play costumes, ticket sales, concession stands, etc. Ask, and ye shall receive!

"WCS helps students grow in the areas of their giftedness."

WCS faculty member