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Campaign Goal $2,500,000

Amount Raised $578,261

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

the wilmington christian school capital campaign

campaign updates

  • 5 for 50 is Now Live!

    WCS launched Phase 2 of the Capital Campaign in September. 5 for 50 is a streamlined new way for each WCS family to be part of the effort to continue the progress made so far and reach the finish line. Visit www5for50.net today. Find five donors to give $50 per month to the Capital Campaign for two years. Become eligible to receive a $4950 tuition credit. (Drawing will be held during Recommitment Week in January.) If every WCS family participates in the 5 for 50 program, together we will reach our full campaign goal one year early. Make an investment in our children that will give them the best education as they walk with the Lord.

Strategic Plan

The quote is true, "If you don't know where you want to go, it matters little which road you take." For our school, we want to plot a course for our future, both to ensure the legacy of the past, and propel the school forward in its development. This requires a Strategic Plan which you will find attached here.

Our Board of Trustees and administration, along with key members of the faculty and staff, have spent much time and prayer over the past year assembling this vital document for our school's vision forward. With the guidance and provision of our God, and the support and prayers of our families, we will see this plan to fruition in the hearts and minds of our young people.

Please take the opportunity to review what is written here, then pray specifically that we will receive the wisdom to enact and accomplish this plan which will lay some important groundwork and projects...all to His glory and the betterment of Wilmington Christian School. We see some exciting days before us, with some important steps to take. Those days and steps will direct our path along the course which was established in 1946. Our theme, "So the next generation will know," is mirrored in this Strategic Plan.

View the 2013-2018 strategic plan. [PDF]

Mr. William Stevens

Campaign Update Letter

Dear WCS Community,

As I write to provide you with an update on the status of our Capital Campaign, the words of Phillippians 4:19 come to life:

..And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus…

As we enter the second year of our Capital Campaign, we know indeed that the Lord has blessed us through the generosity of our friends, families, and donors. 

To date, we’ve raised close to $580,000 in the Capital Campaign, launched in September of 2014.  Private foundations, including the Welfare Foundation and Crystal Trust, have said ‘yes’ to our efforts to move the school forward.  Our students, from our youngest to our graduating seniors, have donated. Through the Banking on Our Kids effort last year, they raised close to $1800.

We stand at 23% of our $2.5 million fundraising goal and our work with private foundations continues. Over the summer, we evaluated our progress, prayed, and planned for Phase 2 of the campaign.  We developed a new and easy way for all WCS families to participate in reaching the finish line.

In September, we launched the 5 for 50 fundraising program at www.5for50.net.  Here’s how it works:

  • Each family is asked to participate by finding 

five donors to make a promise to WCS today.

  • Ask those donors to visit www.5for50.net, enter a credit card number, and commit to donate $50 a month for the next two years.
  • When your five donors make that promise, you become eligible for a drawing to receive $4950 in tuition credit.

Why promise, why now?   Because this is an all-hands effort. If each family pitches in and donates via www.5for50.net, we’ll reach that $2.5 million goal within two years.  There will be no need for a third phase of the campaign.

What your generosity delivers:

  • An investment in our children – one that will give them the tools and facilities they need to learn and work in a 21st century world.
    • A library that brings us into the digital age
    • An upgraded fine arts lobby
    • Upgrades to our STEM facilities
    • Upgrades to our elementary school playground and gym
    • An all-new turf field that will be used by all students.

IT’S AN EXCITING ADVENTURE, and, while it may seem like a large undertaking, it’s not large to our God.  I see His hand at work in making this school ALL He ordained it to be.  Together, we can reach this goal.  I ask all families to join the effort.  Each project is needed and necessary to move WCS forward, and, we are in this together.

Mr. William Stevens

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Capital Campaign Pledge Card

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Donor Wall

Visionary Level Donors

Shepherd Level Donors

Pillar Level Donors

Faithful Level Donors

  • Wargo Enterprises, LLC

Good Samaritan Level Donors

  • Casale Construction, LLC
  • Crystal Trust
  • Welfare Foundation, Inc.

Sustainer Level Donors

  • Anonymous
  • Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Bauer, II
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wagner
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wagner

Guardian Level Donors

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jason Danner
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jay Fetterman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ed Jones
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCudden
  • Corbin & Dorice McNeil Foundation
  • Mr. Marvin Schoenhals
  • Ms. Linda Schwind
    “In Memory Of John C. Schwind, III and Marie Lynch Brooks”
  • Mr. John Sylvester
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Tideman
  • Visual Innovations, Inc.

Disciple Level Donors

  • Mr. & Mrs. Shawn G. Coen
    “In Honor Of Bonnie Edwards Smith”
  • Compass Ion Advisors
  • Delaware United Volleyball Club LLC
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Forsman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Haas
    “In Memory Of Shirley DeLain”
  • Haldas Market
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rene Solis
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Walker
  • Mr. & Mrs. Drew Yerkes

Warrior Level Donors

  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Alderman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Marc A. Baffone
  • Ms. Kathryn Beers
  • Mr. David Bird
  • Ms. Geraldine Biscardi
  • Mr. & Mrs. Addison Blatchford
  • Ms. Andrea Boulet
  • Mr. & Mrs. Skip Bradley
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Brooks
  • Mr. & Mrs. Adam Campbell
  • Chandler Funeral Home of Hockessin, LLC
  • Mrs. Margaret D. Colaiuta
  • Concordia Lutheran Church Mrs. Leanne Conover
  • Mr. & Mrs. Osmen Conteh
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cowchok
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alan Deike
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Driscoll
    “In Memory Of Joseph G. Orfetel”
  • Miss Sharon Duncan
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Eisenhauer
  • Mrs. Robin Foster
  • Mr. & Mrs. William Green
  • Mr. & Mrs. Leo E. Gumienny
  • Mr. & Mrs. George B. Hadley
  • Mr. & Mrs. Warren Haines
  • Arthur Hall Insurance
  • Mr. Kenneth Haney
  • Mr. & Mrs. Len Hansell
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ian B. Hardcastle
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Horne
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Jarrell
  • Dr. & Mrs. Paul Johnston
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark Karmeris
  • Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kay
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mike Keller
  • Mr. & Mrs. David L. Kelley
    “In Honor Of The Kelley Children”
  • Mr. & Mrs. Malcom W. Kroeber, III
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brett Lelko
  • Mr. Frank LeMaster
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Liu
  • Ms. Pam Love
  • Mr. & Mrs. Douglas MacGray
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Mason
  • Mr. & Mrs. Phil McNeil
  • Ms. Lori Molin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Nazario
  • Mr. Verino Pettinaro
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Pill
  • Mr. & Mrs. Cary Pitman
  • Mr. Jerry Polman
  • Ms. Janna Scheflen
  • Ms. Barbara Schiller
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dale Schultz
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bill Soistmann
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dana Sorey
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Spangler
  • Mr. Trey Speers
  • Mrs. Lynae Spratley
  • Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Stephens
  • Mr. & Mrs. William F. Stevens, Jr.
    “In Memory Of Mr. Bill Stevens, Sr.”
  • Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Stinson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Stiles
    “In Memory Of Jill Jacobs Goldner '79”
  • Ms. Elle Straley
  • Dr. & Mrs. Clark Stull
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dave Sutton
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Thomas
  • Mr. & Mrs. Trevor Thompson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joe Thomson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tuttle
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Veenema
    “In Memory Of our Parents”
  • Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Vincent
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Wadsworth
  • Dr. Hope Thomas Glavin/Weatherhill Dental Associates
  • Drs. Guy & Cynthia Webster
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Weller
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Wood
  • H.L. Yerkes & Sons, Inc.
  • Miss Lana L. Yerkes
  • Mr. Mike Zampini
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Zuber