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Back to School Uniform Resale

We are holding our “Back to School Uniform Resale” on Wednesday, August 15th form 10:00 AM -2:00 PM located in the middle school -room 112. We have changed the way we run our sale to try and help keep the clothes at a more affordable price! While items can still be purchased, we also offer vouchers for any uniforms you turn in to trade.  So, if you turn in a gently used sweater, you receive a voucher for one!  Turn in a short sleeve polo shirt, pick a short sleeve polo in return!  We are doing even trades for all items.

Dig out those uniforms and check carefully to make sure they are in good condition as we still want our students looking neat!  If you’d like to receive vouchers to use for the upcoming sale, you must have them dropped off at the school by August 3rd.  Don’t forget to include your first and last name and contact information!  Vouchers will be waiting for you at the sale, or they will be sent home the first week of school with your child. Please note that uniforms dropped off after this date will not be eligible for this sale as we will not have time to check through them until after the 15th.

Kindly examine all items to ensure they comply with our resale guidelines – no stains, tears, excessive pilling, fading, or missing buttons or stitches.  If some of your clothing is not accepted, you have one week after receiving your vouchers to claim any of the unsellable clothing.

Uniform Exchange Details

For any questions, please email Heather at

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