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Uniform Exchange


We offer parents the opportunity to trade or purchase gently used uniforms. Sales are held periodically throughout the year in the uniform room located in the middle school (room 112).


We have changed the way we run our sales to try and help keep the clothes at a more affordable price! While items can still be purchased, we also offer vouchers for any uniforms you turn in to trade.  So, if you turn in a gently used sweater, you receive a voucher for one!  Turn in a short sleeve polo shirt, pick a short sleeve polo in return!  We are doing even trades for all items. Vouchers will be will be sent home with your child.


Dig out those uniforms and check carefully to make sure they are in good condition as we still want our students looking neat.  Since we can only accept clothes in the best condition, (no stains, tears, holes, excessive pilling, fading, or missing buttons) not all your clothing may be accepted. In that case, please make sure to indicate on your contact information if you would like any of the unused items returned.


Please note that uniforms dropped off for a scheduled resale must be turned in at least one week before the upcoming sale. We cannot examine the clothes for vouchers during a sale. If you are unable to attend, please contact the middle school office to arrange a convenient time for you to shop.


You may also purchase clothing at the following prices:  (check or cash)

Slacks                         $7 Youth/$10 Adult

Sweatpants               $7 Youth/$10 Adult

Skirts                          $5 Straight/$8 Pleated

Skorts                         $5

Shorts                         $5

Jumpers                     $10

Polo dresses              $10 Short sleeve/$12 Long sleeve

Blouses                       $5

Polo shirts                $5 Short sleeve/$7 Long sleeve

Oxford shirts           $10

Sweaters                    $10

Sweater Vests          $8

Sweatshirts               $10

Fleeces                        $12

Insulated Vests        $12

Jackets                        $20

P.E. uniform             $5 Shorts/$5 T-shirt


Thank you for your support!

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