In keeping with our Capital Campaign theme, So the Next Generation Will Know, the thought came to me, “We need the next generation to invest in their own future!” So I asked our good friends at TD Bank if they would be willing to assist us in this endeavor. They graciously provided us with 500+ coin banks so we could have all our students contribute to this project. One of the avenues of revenue for our fundraising is applying to foundations. As a stipulation, the grant applications want to know the percentage of our community that has given as stakeholders in this good work. My desire is to be able to say 100%! So, I am asking for our parents support to help each of our students, Pre-K through 12th grade, to turn in their bank, filled with coins toward the cause. After all, they will be reaping the benefit of seeing their contribution build their school…even the seniors, knowing they have invested in their alma mater, for those that will grow to take their place.

Let’s bring the unity of our school spirit to a practical reality to show how much we love this special place. Let’s testify to Jesus’s emphasis about how pennies (dimes, and quarters) all have an impact in the Kingdom!

Ruby Stephens (K), already started collecting, and let her dad know that it was “THE Mr. Stevens at school who was getting her coins!” Will you all join her? Next phase is coming …100% of our families. What a testimony to the outside world of the unity that exists here at WCS!!!!!